Dandelion (2014)

119 minute | Comedy, Drama, Romance |

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The story tells of Tse ( Son Tung M - TP ) and the incomparable friend : Ngo Kien Ha ( Ngo Kien Huy ) mundane , naive , Pham Quynh Bang ( Pham Quynh Anh ) momentum tune with the slogan " Cha afraid , just afraid of aging , " Sky ( Hari Won ) a Korean girl fun , manager Lam ( Hua Vi Van ) an infinity of money . ng . The film's screenplay is based on the book Bắt đầu từ một kết thúc, an autobiography about the life of the ill-fated singer Wanbi Tuấn Anh.

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Buget $466,418
Încasări $1,958,955
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